As the needs of your target audience change, your website needs to easily adapt.
I’d love to help you stay on top of it all.



Get the most out of running your Ultimate Employee with all the updates, alerts, and planning tips on the efficiency (and potential) of your website.

Great for teams dedicated to diligently refining their website for prime success.




A more simple insight to how your website is functioning without getting too overwhelming. Still the same updates, but some restrictions on communication and reports.

Great for smaller, one-man-show businesses just starting out.




No fancy bells or whistles, but I’m there when your website goes down. I’ll speak to your host provider on your behalf when needed, but otherwise, I’m pretty quiet!

Great for the seasoned blogger who doesn’t want to worry about website crashes.




Polish a great website with beautiful images and routine social media scheduling to make sure everyone sees your business.

• Photography Suite: $60/mo

• Social Media Management 3x/week, 2 platforms: $99*/mo

• Graphic Design: $40/mo

• E-commerce $20/mo up to 100 items

*Need more platforms or post frequency? Contact me!

 Website Care Plans Comparison

Premium, Basic, and Custom plans are month-to-month terms. Assurance plans are three month terms.

Layout adjustments X X
Anytime Contact X
Security monitoring X X X
Malware checks + cleaning X X
Weekly reports + tips X X
Monthly reports + tips X X X
Daily reports X
Quarterly traffic reports + tips X X
Routine webmail checks X
Weekly + monthly database backups X X
One-site SEO X
Security checks + reports X X
Beta testing page X X
Branded maintenance page x
Use of BOWS builder license X X
Communication with host on your behalf X X X
Monthly traffic reports + planning X
Photography, editing, stock photography X
Graphic design for blog + social media X
Social media management X
Uptime monitoring X
Routine software and core files updates X X
Quarterly traffic report + tips X X

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